Peloton Závodu míru juniorů / Junior Peace Race peloton / Course de la Paix peloton Peloton Závodu míru juniorů / Junior Peace Race peloton / Course de la Paix peloton Peloton Závodu míru juniorů / Junior Peace Race peloton / Course de la Paix peloton Peloton Závodu míru juniorů / Junior Peace Race peloton / Course de la Paix peloton

Gibson from Great Britain beats the world champion in the Time Trial

Třebenice – British Matthew Gibson won the time Trial of the Junior Peace Race. He left behind him even the current wold champion in the discipline Decraene form Belgium, who finished third. On the schedule there is still the road race stage with start and finish in Roudnice nad Labem for the afternoon, in which Gibson will be in yellow.


Begnoni from Italy wins the opening stage

Litoměřice – The Italian Gianmarco Begnoni won the first stage if the Junior Peace Race. The best among the Czech riders on the Mírové square in Litomerice was Adam Ťoupalík on the 19th place. The peloton arrived in one piece and the final sprint decided about the winner.


140 riders will start the Junior Peace Race today

Confirmed, all settled, all is ready! The next edition of the international multistage cycling race, the Course de la Paix Juniors / Junior Peace Race is starting now. There are 140 cyclists from 24 countries competing for the yellow jersey of the 43rd edition.


The Couse de la Paix Juniors will start on the 8th of May

Terezín – Exactly one week is left before the start of the international cycling race, the Couse de la Paix Juniors (8. - 11. 5.). The best among the wold junior racers will compete in northern Bohemia in the 43rd edition of the race for one of the currently most prestigious yellow jerseys in the world for this age category. There is almost four hundred kilometers awaiting the racers and precious points for the Nations Cup at the end.


43rd Course de la Paix Juniors

43rd Course de la Paix Juniors will be held in Terezín from 8th to 11th May 2014.


With the end of the Course de la Paix, Václav Lončák has left us, too

Litoměřice – Together with the finish of the final stage of the 42nd year of the international cycling race Course de la Paix Juniors more has sailed away than the organizing committee had wished to. The last year of the race was also the last day of life of his former director. At the age of almost seventy-nine years Václav Lončák died. He had been leading the Course de la Paix as a director for altogether ten years.


The yellow Pedersen has closed up the Course de la Paix winning

Terezín – It’s all over now! The 42nd year of the juniors‘ race Course de la Paix knows its winner. The Danish representative Mads Pedersen has proven his role of the estimated leader. Not only he has won the final stage in the yellow jersey, he has also mastered three from four competitions and has gained three jerseys – the yellow one for the overall winner, the white one for the winner of the activity competition and the green one for the best sprinter. There could have been no doubt about his dominance this year.


The French Gesbert has won in Germany, he hasn't gotten Pedersen undressed

Teplice/Zinnwald – Still at the third stage of this year’s Course de la Paix Juniors, the field arrived to the finish duly splitted. The hilly stage in Krusne Hory Mountains checked the physical maturity of the riders. The difficult climbings had been after all mastered by the French juvenile Elie Gesbert who arrived to the finish in Zinnwald, Germany pretty alone and in a masterful way. The Dane Pedersen hasn’t allowed to anybody to get himself undressed.

Pedersen is wearing the yellow jersey after Friday

Trebenice/Roudnice nad Labem - There were two tests standing for the ruck of the Course de la Paix Juniors on the second day. The morning time trial was mastered by the Dane Pedersen who had also gained the yellow jersey. The afternoon stage in Roudnice nad Labem belonged in the general finish to the British cyclists but Pedersen scoring on the third place has come to stay in the leading position wearing the yellow one.



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