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Introductory Word of the Director of the Race

I would like to welcome you to the race of the “May stages” for junior cycling. I am glad I can inform you that we managed to secure the traditional format of the Junior Peace Race this year again - unconventionally during a four August days the best junior cyclist of the world will be rushing through Ústecký region and German Saxony. The organization of this event, which is part of the Nation’s Cup since 1995, gets increasingly more challenging every year. Indeed, this year there are only six multi stage races included in the UCI Men Junior Nation’s Cup – the most prestigious world junior competition. Therefore I am really proud of the team of people and partners who help us with the organization. Only thanks to these sometimes seemingly invisible helpers we menage to keep the high prestige and level of the Junior Peace Race all these years, but also to constantly work on further improvements. The necessity for continuous improvement is driven by the need to match the increasing quality of the peloton. This year again we can be certain, that among the more than hundred competitors, will be those who will collect useful experiences to be turned into titles and medals on the Europe or the world championships or the professional stages.

      Svatopluk Henke
      race director


Greetings from the mayor of Olbernhau

Dear riders, dear trainers and supervisors, dear friends of cycling, dear jury members, dear guests.

I warmly welcome you to the city of Olbernhau - in the middle of the Ore Mountains. Olbernhau also bears the adorable nickname “City of Seven Valleys” and is represented in the Ore Mountains / Krušnohoří mining region in the UNESCO World Heritage with the Saigerhütte, founded in 1537, and the artificial ditch system for the Freiberg district water channel system. The Saigerhütte is a unique witness to the non-ferrous metallurgy of the 16th century and owes its name to a melting process for the desilvering of black copper, the Saiger process, which was revolutionary at the time. The formerly self-contained industrial community comprises over 20 historical buildings. In the Saigerhütte museum area, the visitor gets an insight into technology, history and social structures. In the copper hammer, the oldest functioning hammer mill in Europe, the functionality of the six hundredweight wide hammer is shown during guided tours. The most famous guest of the Saigerhütte, Tsar Peter I of Russia, is said to have ridden on this in 1711. Our city has an area of 125.4 km² and 11.000 people live here. There is a primary care hospital. In addition 1 grammar school, 1 high school, 3 elementary school, 1 adult education center and 1 music school, so a lot is being done for education. 12 fire brigades and 350 active persons ensure the safety in the city and its districts, they rescue, extinguish, protect and rescue. Over 90 clubs, including the music corps of the city of Olbernhau, the Berglandmusikanten, or the Theater Variabel provide cultural highlights. Sport plays a central role in Olbernhau. With over 500 members, the „Turn- und Sportverein Olbernhau e.V.” is not only the largest, but also the oldest sport club in the city. Football, swimming, tennis, table tennis and winter sports are other fields of activity in our city. The cycling club "Olbernhauer Radtour e.V." can look back on a 25-year tradition. This organizes the "Olbernhauer Radtour" with around 2.000 active participants every year. The offers ranges from the family route to the fitness, fitness plus route and the endurance route for professionals. The cycling tours "Olbernhauer Reiterlein" are a year-round offer for active cycling in our city and in the beautiful surrounding countryside. We are therefore particularly pleased that the Junior Peace Race has a stage destination in the city of Olbernhau. We are particularly pleased that it is a cross-border sporting event. The idea of Europe plays a central role in Olbernhau, as we have a 15 km long border with the Czech Republic and 3 border crossings. I wish the young riders the strength they need to successfully “climb” the Ore Mountains and I would be very happy if they stay true to cycling.

        With sporty greetings and a warm "Glück auf/Good luck"

        Your Heinz-Peter Haustein

        Mayor and patron






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