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Introductory Word of the Director of the Race

I would like to welcome you to the race of the “May stages” for junior cycling. I am glad I can inform you that we managed to secure the traditional format of the Junior Peace Race this year again - unconventionally during a four August days the best junior cyclist of the world will be rushing through Ústecký region and German Saxony. The organization of this event, which is part of the Nation’s Cup since 1995, gets increasingly more challenging every year. Indeed, this year there are only six multi stage races included in the UCI Men Junior Nation’s Cup – the most prestigious world junior competition. Therefore I am really proud of the team of people and partners who help us with the organization. Only thanks to these sometimes seemingly invisible helpers we menage to keep the high prestige and level of the Junior Peace Race all these years, but also to constantly work on further improvements. The necessity for continuous improvement is driven by the need to match the increasing quality of the peloton. This year again we can be certain, that among the more than hundred competitors, will be those who will collect useful experiences to be turned into titles and medals on the Europe or the world championships or the professional stages.

      Svatopluk Henke
      race director


Greetings from the mayor of Olbernhau

Good luck in Olbernhau,

Welcome to the heart of the Ore Mountains,

We are very happy that we can experience the Junior Peace Race once again in our town. It fills me with pride that Olbernhau is once again the stage destination of the royal stage of this year's Tour. Our city, in the middle of the 7 valleys, welcomes you warmly and looks with enthusiasm at the young cyclists. We look forward to the many supporters, helpers, supervisors, guests and our friends from the Czech Republic. In addition, Olbernhau is always worth a visit. Get to know the Saigerhütte Grünthal, a piece of world heritage here in Olbernhau, experience in historical flair a unique site of our roots of metallurgy. Explore our wonderful nature on the well-signposted hiking trails. Stroll through our town centre, find what you are looking for in numerous shops and Do-It-Yourself Shops and see how toy manufacturing is still at home here. Experience culture and art in our leisure facilities and the vibrant club life. Enjoy the numerous events in the Variabel Theatre, the Autumn market with musical accompaniment by our excellent musicians, such as the music corps of the town of Olbernhau and the Bergland Musicians, or our traditional Christmas market in the Ore Mountains with craftsmen's show and much more. You can visit our immediate neighbouring country, the Czech Republic, on foot, by bike or by car. Olbernhau is also a young town with its 3 primary schools, secondary school, grammar school, adult education centre and music school and countless clubs. The largest is our TSV Olbernhau with its current 601 members. This and also the knowledge of the strong companies as employers in Olbernhau is a sign and guidepost for the future of our town. This year, the Junior Peace Race pays special tribute to its name. The symbolic power of this tour with participants from many different countries extends to the war in Europe and sends an important signal in the direction of peace. The people of Olbernhau and their guests will give the cyclists a great reception. May the demanding mountain stage to Olbernhau go well for the field of riders, which is characterised by high quality.

I wish the tour a good course and remain with warm cycling greetings.

Your Jörg Klaffenbach




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