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Pajur won the mass finish 2b. stage in Štětí

Štětí - Estonian rider Romet Pajur in the dramatic finish of the 2b. stage of the ZMJ did not find the conqueror and controlled Friday afternoon mass finish in Štětí. The finish was affected by numbers of falls, in which there were also Czech representatives. In the yellow, however, it still continues Kockelmann from Luxembourg.

"It was a very difficult run, but the most difficult thing about it was the nervousness that was in the peloton. Everyone felt the opportunity, and thanks to that, several falls occurred. My feet are not looking forward to tomorrow, but they are going great and today they brought me for gold, "said the winner of the 2nd stage Estonian Romet Pajur.

The afternoon 2nd stage traditionally followed the morning time trial of individuals. The flatter profile and the route, less than sixty kilometers long, heading to a mass finish. It was controlled by the Estonian "express" when he beat on the tape Belgian guy Vlad van Mechelen and the third Norway Oliver Aukland. Of the home riders was the best, due to several falls, Pavel Novák, the 38th, who passed the finish line at the same time as the winner.

"Race is developing well so far. The boys are doing great as a team. They managed the first stage the way we wanted. The time trial also went well and we did not lose even in this stage.  Štěpán is a bit battered after the fall and we'll see how the abrasions hurt. Fortunately, the crash came in a protection zone, so be it it will decide tomorrow and if there is any opportunity, we will attack. The head of the race is close and no one will give it to opponents for free. Everyone will be waiting for a mistake of the others. We definitely will go for it, because when we are in the right group, it can also be a yellow jersey. ”Leads his team Czech coach Tomáš Konečný to the highest goals. Due to the mass finish, there were no changes at the head of the overall classification. Yellow jersey is hold by Mathieu Kockelmann from Luxembourg. The German Herzog is behind him and on the third is the winner of the "Štětí" stage Romet Pajur. "The Queens stage is waiting for us. I have to go into it with positive thinking and trusting in myself. I feel great in the mountains and I love them. Everyone wants yellow jersey and I will definitely fight for it, "announced the attack on the" yellow" Estonian Pajur. However, the Luxembourg rider Kockelmann intends to keep him. "The whole team is unbelievable motivated now. we need to get some rest by tomorrow and fully focus on keeping the yellow jersey. I feel good in the mountains. It will be difficult for everyone, but I hope you will see me in the yellow jersey on Sunday as well. So far, I can be satisfied with what we are showing here and I believe it will last until Sunday, "believes the leader of the ongoing classification Mathieu Kockelmann, to whom in the role of team mechanics is cheering his five-year-old brother Raphael, who himself is a race of ZMJ twice complete. “It's wonderful to see my brother in yellow. I know he's strong, he's still going up and he is definitely in the strongest team. I was in a different role then, but he is supposed to hold the yelow jersey to Terezín, " Raphael Kockelmann fans to his "yellow brother".

There are the two hardest final stages left for the peloton of the 50th Course de la Paix Juniors. Saturday's 3rd stage from Teplice to Olbernhau, Germany, is with its 122 kilometers and heavy profile with three mountain premiums in Cínovec, Mníšek and Seiffen deservedly referred to as "Queens". The final finish will come on Sunday in Terezín.


Results - 2b. stage (Štětí, 57 km):

1. Romet Pajur (EST) 1:14:57

2. Vlad van Mechelen (BEL)

3. Oliver Aukland (NOR)

4. Noa Isidore (FRA)

5. Dario Igor Belletta (ITA)

38. Pavel Novák (CZE) - all the same time



1. Mathieu Kockelmann (LUX) 4:04:55

2. Emil Herzog (GER) +0: 13

3. Romet Pajur (EST) +0: 17

4. Kristian Egholm (DEN) +0: 32

5. Pavel Novak (CZE) +0: 34


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