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Kadlec in Terezín second on the tape after the Italian Savin, Herzog celebrates the yellow jersey

Terezín - The Czech national rider Milan Kadlec lost finish with the Italian cyclist Federico Savino in the last 4th stage of the CdlPJ in Terezín, however, it was celebrated on several fronts - The Italian Savino won stage, the Czech national team won the first podium of the May stages and German Emil Herzog kept the yellow jersey and became the overall winner of the 50th anniversary Course de la paix Juniors.

The last stage of the Junior Peace Race is never „easy way home“. On the cycling peloton was waiting for last almost hundred kilometers and especially four of GPM in Pohořany above city of Litoměřice. From the start in Terezín, one attack  replaced the other. On forehead home riders were never missing. Everyone wanted to take the last opportunity to show off on one of the most prestigious junior companies in the world. There was still a lot to gain but also to lose.
"We did not want to underestimate anything. The whole team did our best to keep it what we earned yesterday – yellow jersey. It really cost us a lot of effort, "said the overall winner of the ZMJ German Emil Herzog.
He dressed in the leader's jersey after Saturday's royal stage with a finish in German Olbernhau and has already decided to bring him up to Terezín. He entered the final stage with a lead of almost half a minute over the second Portuguese Morgado. In the end, final attack worked. The Czech-Italian duo took care of the decisive escape of the day and Milan Kadlec and Federico Savino, who left in front of Litoměřice, less than ten kilometers before the finish line in Terezín. But in the end Italian Federico Savino had more strenght. Thanks to the silver Milan Kadlec, the Czech national team is finally on the ceremonial stage. "Last year I finished third, this year second, it's a pity that I will not here next year, "smiled silver in the last stage Milan Kadlec, son of the famous father with long and also a rich racing career. "Well, I think he is happy for me. I was tired from yesterday and I didn't have more strength. We reached the finish line in two and I just finished second. We missed the victory here, but we worked great as a team. ZMH is the most prestigious race in the Czech Republic, so I'm glad I also enjoyed the silver," concluded the Czech representative Milan Kadlec, who stood on the podium accompanied by the third Estonian Romet Pajur, who finished in Terezín only four seconds behind the winning pair and brought the main field with the race leader Herzog.
Due to the minimal distance, the front of the race did not change in the final order. Overall the winner was the German Emil Herzog before the Portuguese António Morgada and the third Norwegian Jorgen Nordhagen. The best home competitor is the sixth Pavel Novák with less than two and a half minutes loss to Herzog. Emil Herzog is the seventh German representative in ZMJ's 50-year history.
"I'm really happy and I'm really enjoying it. For me, the ZMJ is a big name. It has a deep tradition and it is also a part of the Nations Cup. There is nothing better for juniors in the world. I admit that it was actually fun - just a hill up and challenging downhill down – actually thanks to them it wasn't really fun, but I like it so much and I so enjoyed it. I finished better than last year and won a race which is worldwide on absolute top," praised German representative Emil Herzog the organizing team from CK Slavoj Terezín around the director Svatopluk Henke.

Results - 4th stage (Terezín, 66.4 km):
1. Federico Savino (ITA) 2:18:21
2. Milan Kadlec (CZE) - same time
3. Romet Pajur (EST) +0:04
4. Vlad van Mechelen (BEL)
5. Mihajlo Stolic (SRB) - all the same time

1. Emil Herzog (GER) 9:28:45
2. Antonio Morgado (POR) +0:29
3. Jorgen Nordhagen (NOR) +0:35
4. Mathieu Kockelmann (LUX) +1:49
5. Kristian Egholm (DEN) +2:23
6. Pavel Novak (CZE) +2:25



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