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Stage won Dane Pedersen, Americans celebrate the historic achievement

Terezín / Litoměřice - For the first time in history, won the Peace Race Junior American cyclist. Brandon McNulty is the first one after 44 years of writing historical charts winners. The Americans did not have rivals this year, second best was his compatriot Adrien  Costa. Nevertheless, on the Litoměřice square, the last stage victory was celebrating by Danish rider Rasmus Pedersen, who managed the succesfully escape from the main field.
    Final, nearly hundred-kilometer stage, had its traditional start in Terezín, but due to the reconstruction of the bridge Tyrš unusually ended in Litoměřice. The last stage was as in past years is full of attacks, as cyclists feel last chance to prove themselves. From the start it has been continuously attacked, but the American team controlled the front of the peloton and all the attacks on McNulty zellow jersey were defended. "It took a lot of strength, but we were just a step away from the historical moment, that we were firmly determined to win. None of us doubted that it might fail. We were strong enough for that, but I'm happy that we're at the finish line and really makes history. It's unbelievable",, sighed Adrien Costa, sympatical young man, whom in the final standings belongs the silver position.
    On the finish line was happy Dane Rasmus Pedersen. In the final climb to GPM over Maškovice escaped with Kazakhs Vadim Pronský. Although the pair was chasing by the peloton, the duo have mainteined a few seconds of distance on the main field. Dane Pedersen due its primacy in last stage pointed to the fact that in the past four years was the Danish representatives were the best at the Course de la Paix Juniors. "Now the situation is different. Every year someone is stronger and this year it was us. We went for victory from the beginning, and now it really is. I believe that we have succeeded in starting a new era and I am proud to say that we are truly the first Americans, who won the Course de la Paix Juniors. That symbolism we understand, Course de al Paix is something more, it's a great concept", said Brandon McNulty, the overall winner of the 44th annual.

    Czech riders had to stage podium a little but further. In the last stage was Jakub Otruba fifty second in the main field. Michal Brázda but won the first sprint premium. Overall, Otruba, as the best Czech rider, finished twelfth. "We are not among boomers for now. It can not be helped, we have to work more. This comparing with the world is for them an excellent experience. Otruba not go wrong, the boys tried to help him. Certainly impressed me even combative stance of Matěj Štibingr, who finished the opening stage with a broken collarbone", said Svatopluk Henke, the director of Course de la Paix Juniors. "Overall, I'm satisfied. Except for a few small things for us, there is again a very successful year, which was full of watershed moments, great performances and undoubtedly beautiful experiences, which opens to junior riders the gates to the world of big cycling. To all, who are participated in preparation and realization of the race, I give big thanks and I can only promise that we will do our best to be back next year together and create a race that is among the best in the world", concluded Svatopluk Henke to 44th year.

Results - Stage 4: 1. Rasmus Pedersen (DEN) 2:24:58, 2. Vadim Pronskij (KAZ) +0:05, 3. Leo Appelt (GER), 4. Sergej Rostovtsev (RUS), 5. Szymon Sajnok (POL), 52. Jakub Otruba všichni +0:15, Tomáš Čapek +2:37, 79. Michal Brázda, 80. Jonáš Březina, 81. Lukáš Kunt všichni +8:30 (všichni ČR).

General: 1. Brandon McNulty 9:26:57, 2. Adrien Costa +0:27, 3. Nikolaj Ilichev (RUS), 4. Tobias Foss (NOR) oba +2:43, 5. Thomas Vereecken (BEL) +3:02, 12. Jakub Otruba +5:31, 69. Lukáš Kunt +23:40, 73. Michal Brázda +27:17, 78. Tomáš Čapek +29:53, 85. Jonáš Březina +34:51 (všichni ČR).


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