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Eriksson and Klaris ensured dramatic end for the Junior peace Race

Teplice/Zinnwald – The riders from the northern counties ensured there will be dramatic end of the Junior Peace Race. In the last but one stage dubbed "Queen Stage" from Teplice to Zinnwald won Eriksson from Sweden, who brought on his wheel across the finish line the second Magnus Klaris from Denmark. The twist is that the overall time in the GC of Klaris is now identical to the time of Rayane Bouhanni from France. Therefore the overall winner of the race can be decided by the smallest detail. This years edition of the Junior Peace Race will be extraordinarily dramatic up to the finish in Terezin.

    Saturday, the third racing day, traditionally brought decisive moments.The longest (102 kilometers long) stage thanks to the two climb to the Komáří Vížka regularly shatters the peloton. To the finish in Zinnwald the cyclists usually come in rather small groups and this time again the "Teplice" challenge showed the stamina and strength of the young riders. Towards the end a group of four formed at the front where the French had an advantage of two riders, Rayane Bouhanni and Aurélie Paret Peintre. For the podium sprint, on German soil this time, there were present the later from the French duo and the Swedish Lucas Eriksson with the Dane Magnus Klaris. The Swede had most left in his tank and won the sprint, Klaris was second followed by Peintre. Bouhani ended up fourth, loosing four seconds."The stage was practically decided in the first ascent to Komáří Vížka. Our team worked well together and I'm glad it brought us the yellow jersey, keeping it will be very difficult though. It is a pity I didn't manage to hang there at the very end of the stage, this would have brought a bit of calm for the last stage." said after the finish the new leader of the race Rayane Bouhanni.

    In the most difficult stage also the Czech Adam Ťoupalík showed good performance. He was in a nine member group, finishing after the best four, and in this sprint for fifth place, he ended up seventh overall, loosing only half a minute.

    The stage meant big changes for the GC, the French Bouhani is now in yellow but the Dane Klaris has the same time. Sixteen seconds behind is the American Barta. Ťoupalík moved up to twelfth and he looses 59 seconds on the leader. "Adam rode wery well, I'm really pleased. Pitty he didn't make it in the top ten. The hardest stage is behind us and I think it was decisive. A minute, that is a lot since in my opinion there will be a mass sprint in Terezin. The peloton will not allow anyone to escape and they will be fighting for the victory until the very end," commented the coach of the Czech national team Luděk Kubias.
    The final stage traditionally starts in Terezín at 9 am. Around half past eleven, at the same place, it will be clear who won this years Junior Peace Race."The duel between the leader Bouhanni from France and the second Klaris from Danemark will be very exciting and also the Czech riders will need support from the spectators since they will try to show up there too. I believe the finish will attract quite a crowd," the races spokesman Patrik Pátek invites the public to Terezín.

Results – Stage 3. : 1. Lucas Eriksson (Sweden) 2:44:31, 2. Magnus Klaris (Denmark), 3. Aurélie Paret Peintre (France) - all in the same time, 4. Rayane Bouhanni (France) +0:04, 5. Mark Padun (Ukraine), 7. Adam Ťoupalík (CZ) - oba +0:31, 53. Pavel Camrda +6:23, 75. Roman Lehký +10:15, 91. Jan Kovář +13:24, 96. Marek Šípoš +14:40, 106. Luděk Helis +18:18 (all CZ).

Overall: 1. Rayane Bouhanni (France) 6:55:33, 2. Magnus Klaris (Denmark) - same time, 3. William Barta (USA) +0:16, 4. Lennard Kämna (Germany) +0:21, 5. Igor Decraene (Belgium) +0:29, 12. Adam Ťoupalík (CZ) +0:59, 49. Pavel Camrda +7:50, 56. Roman Lehký +11:01, 68. Jan Kovář +015:07, 71. Marek Šípoš +15:58, 103. Luděk Helis +29:13 (all CZ).


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