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Course de la Paix Juniors starts May 7

Terezín / Litoměřice - One week remaining until the start of the international cycling race Course de la Paix Juniors (7th to 10th May). Best junior athletes in northern Bohemia meet within forty-fourth year, to compete for one of the currently most prestigious yellow jerseys world junior cycling. Young riders waiting almost four hundred kilometers of demanding and fight for valuable points for Nations' Cup Juniors.
    "It s getting harder every year, but with a calm heart, I can say that this year we have managed to secure the entire year. We continue his four-day form of the race has lost none of its high level that we have over the years managed to build. We can look forward to the race ranked high and this year we will do our best to have the hallmark of the best prepared event at the world junior maintain", said director of May stages Svatopluk Henke.
    Riders first starts on Thursday, May 7th. Opening ceremony will take place at Litoměřice Peace Square at 14:40 pm, which will be about two and a half hours later also finish. On Friday, young drivers have to pass traditionally just two tests. First is scheduled in the morning, duel with chronometer in Třebenice. In the afternoon comes the "Roudnická" stage. "Start will obligate at Karlovo Square and the finish again at Masaryk Street, where the race got more on their attractiveness. On the track will also be premium and special sprints in Budyně, Štětí and Hoštka", said Henke.
    On Saturday, the juniors get across the border into German territory. Start this difficult mountain stage will be in Teplice, this year at Na Stínadlech football stadium, and the finish will be in Garmany, in town Zinnwald. Saturday's screening rightly bears the title "Royal". During the stage, the riders will have to ascend twice to Komáří Vížka, and are also scheduled to sprint bonuses in Duchcov and in Dubí. "Last year we leg stretched Teplice stage slightly and it became the most difficult, but with its one hundred and one kilometers also the longest test. This year we moved start because of the reconstruction of the square to Stínadla", said Henke.
    The four-day battle for the yellow jersey rider conclude unusual in Litoměřice. Quite extraordinary had to be finish in Terezín, because of the blocked Tyrš bridge. On the peloton but await the now famous circuit at Ploskovice, Maškovice and Třebušín. "Start in Terezín, we managed to maintain - riders will travel across the new bridge, but back it would be too complicated, so the finish will be exceptionally in Litoměřice," said Svatopluk Henke, while at the same time pointed out that this year the police involved in the preparations of the Czech Republic. "To Police deserve a great thanks. Thanks to close cooperation with the route we choose, so that they can still be very interesting, but in terms of security best secured. This year we some works a bit complicated preparation, but I believe that we are all the pitfalls and again advised Course de la Paix Juniors will write the next great chapter", wishes director Henke.
    Peace Race is again ranked in the top world competitions for juniors - Juniors Nations' Cup. Mayans stage is one of seven of stage events. To Bohemia to gather the best junior athletes from around the world. Registered nineteen six-membered teams including the selection of Czech national team. "As to the events will six Czech riders recorded, will be surprised. When the one in first ten, I'm satisfied. Currently on how best about Jakub Otruba, but maybe Tomáš Čapek during a stage race in Cottbus finished stage in bronze. I'm curious myself how they will fare in the May stages", added Svatopluk Henke.

44th - Course de la Paix Juniors 2015 - Facts and figures:
Organizer: CK Slavoj Terezín
Date: 7th to 10th May 2015
Race Director: Svatopluk Henke
Master track: Jan Sedlák
Referee: Christopher Enzi
DCO: Georgi Popov
Overall length: 369.9 km
Budget: 1,6 mil. CZK
Media partners: ČT, ČT Sport, Deník, Český rozhlas, TV Litoměřice,, Litoměřicko24.
Under the auspices of the governor of the Ústí Region Oldřich Bubeníček.
Honorary race director - Ústí Region police director Tomáš Landsfeld.
Main sponsors: Gabriel, Vars, Lufft, NTD, Úsí nad Labem, ChanGroup, Lafarge, Iveco, Euroregion and individual cities

StageDateStart FisnishLocationTypeKměřiceroad race98.5
2a.řebeniceind. time trial11.2
2b. n./L.road race62.4 - Zinwaldroad race100.0ín - Litoměřiceroad race98.7

Foreign teams:
Confirmed 19 teams representing six membered country: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Holland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine, USA, Norway, Sweden.

Czech participation:
The fifth time in history, therefore, according to the established rules of the UCI, will attend only one representative selection of Czech. Can not even former mixed team Euroregion. The race that starts just six riders led by Czech coach Luděk Kubias.
Czech national team: Michal Brázda, Jakub Otruba (both Mapei Cycling Kaňkovský), Matěj Štibingr (SP Kolo Loap Specialized), Jonáš Březina (, Tomáš Čapek (TJ Kovo Praha), Lukáš Kunt (Remerx-Merida Team Kolín).


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